Howard "Hub" Beaudry

Hub Beaudry - CKSO TVBirthplace
Massey, Ontario

June 19, 1929

First Media Job
CKSO Radio Sales Representative

December 3, 2004

Howard "Hub" Beaudry, born 1929, appeared on CKSO TV in the 1960's before joining CBC television in Ottawa in 1968.  He was a native of Massey, Ontario, near Sudbury.

Hub Beaudry played Senior A hockey.  He first played for the Charlottetown Islanders of the MMHL for three seasons, between 1950 and 1953.  He then played for the Sudbury Wolves between 1953 and 1958.  He was known as a smooth-skating centre, one of the best penalty killers in the league.

After his time with the Sudbury Wolves, Hub Beaudry joined the staff at CKSO Radio as an Advertising Sales Representative.  However, he soon served as an assistant to the station's sportscaster.  He worked under Dan Kelly.  Dan eventually left for an Ottawa television station, CBOT, and Beaudry would take over for Dan as Sportscaster.  In 1968 Dan Kelly left Ottawa and Dan's Ottawa boss decided to call Hub and offer him Kelly's position.  Hub accepted this career opportunity and moved his family to the nation's capital.

He joined the CBC station and just as he did in Sudbury, became well known and popular as a sports broadcaster.  His 1968 move to Ottawa turned into a 24-year career with the network, covering sports for the station.

Hub would always remain a sports enthusiast in his off time.  He could be found in a dark blue sweat suit jogging around the coliseum, cross country skiing with his wife and two sons, or doggedly pursuing, as Clarence Metcalf once wrote in The Ottawa Journal (March 22, 1975), "...a little white ball around his favourite golf course".

As a jogger, one of Hub's favourite experiences was running alongside Terry Fox in the early summer of 1980.  Beaudry was deeply shaken by Fox's death in June of 1981.  Terry's death would hit home in 1984 when Hub's own son, Philip who had reached Terry Fox's age, was killed in an automobile accident.

Hub Beaudry was also well known for his big heart and his passion for his work and sense of humour.  He could play the clown on occasion and he was also the inaugural Winterlude ice hog.  That was in December of 1979 when Beaudry hosted the opening of a new winter festival called Winterlude in Ottawa.  Ice Hogs came out from under some plywood leaning against the embankment of the Rideau Canal near the National Arts Centre.

Hub Beaudry has been described as one of the nicest men in the business and in addition to his great sense of humour, he also had a perspective on sports.

Suffering from strokes, Hub passed away at the age of 75 on December 3, 2004.

He left behind his wife, Elizabeth.  He had two sons, Timothy and Philip.  Philip who predeceased him was planning a career in broadcasting and had studied at Fanshawe College.  He had started at CFRA as an operator.  Philip died as the result of a car accident in the Ottawa area.  Hub was also survived by a grandson Craig.