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We're adding a section in which we will be sharing the public's recollections regarding any memories or stories related to CKSO Radio and Television.  Perhaps you enjoyed a favourite on air personality, or you won a prize, appeared on a television show.  What programs did you enjoy?  What about some of the major promotions like "Here Comes Summer" and "CKSO Welcomes Summer at Bell Park".  Do you remember the CKSO Silver Streak?!  Did you appear on "Hub's Club", or visit Santa Claus live on TV?  Please share your memories for our upcoming grand launch of CKSO.com!

We will be posting memories you would like to share in a special section to be made live during a grand launching of this site in a few months.

Send your stories and recollections!

Coming this summer of 2021! The release of a new eBook!
And announcing a print version to be available soon following the eBook!

"The Story of the Birth of Broadcasting In Sudbury - Local Visionaries, Canadian Pioneers of Broadcasting"

Focusing on CKSO AM, FM & TV!
Watch for details!
The Story Of The Birth Of Broadcasting In Sudbury

WELCOME!!  While still in its pre-official launch stage, please feel free and welcome to look around.  More content is being added at this time.

Thank You as well to the many folks who have contributed content.  It is all being processed and added.  It has become an overwhelming but enjoyable task.  We'd love to hear from you if you would like to share anything in the way of stories, memories, photographs, audio and video.  See the Contact Page for your contact options, and thank you in advance!!

  With such a tremendous amount of gratitude toward the Canadian Communications Foundation, we have been granted the privilege of providing rare video on the Story of CKSO TV!  We'll see and hear from the people who were there.  We'll witness the construction of the building, and we'll learn of the vision and dedication of those who were successful in making CKSO TV the first privately owned television station in Canada, beating out such markets as London, Ontario.  This special video presentation is being held in honour of our grand launch coming soon!

Canadian Communications Foundation - Fondation Des Communications Canadiennes

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